Faithful Gearing Up for ‘Easter Feast’ in City Shopping for Easter Eggs/Buns, Meat/Dukhra Mass

Faithful Gearing Up for ‘Easter Feast’ in City Shopping for Easter Eggs/Buns, Meat/Dukhra Mass

Mangaluru: One thing for sure that an Easter Sunday meal is incomplete without a home-cooked ‘DUKHRA MASS’ (PORK) delicacies like Pork Bafath, Pork Indad, Pork Chilli/Ginger/Pepper etc, and the proof is that the Catholic faithful seen staying in the long queue in front of Pork stalls, and one being Saldore Cold Storage near Milagres Church in the City. And the faithful were seen in large numbers shopping for Chicken meat at Ideal Chicken-Valencia and also at Crasta Chicken House at Kadri Market. And among the locals, there were quite a few Catholics who had come down from the Gulf, since they had skipped their journey to their hometown, due to Covid-19/Pandemic restrictions.

With Mangaluru called as the “Rome of the East”, with a large Christian/Catholic population and an avid holiday vibe, festivals like Christmas and Easter have always been celebrated with great enthusiasm and collective happiness. With families venturing out to have a good time over the long weekend, restaurants and bakeries in the city have put on some of their finer colors and to serve a more elegant fare. With the sad days after Good Friday being over, the joyful celebration of Christ being Risen called “Easter” which is just around the corner on Sunday, 17 April, and Mangaluru is gearing up to host some fanciful culinary and bakery/cake extravaganzas, and the Christian/Catholic faithful are all geared up for the big shopping spree, buying the Easter goodies, meat items like Dukra Mass (Pork) , Mutton, Chicken and B….?, and all other necessities to make the “Easter Sunday” a “Happy Day”!

Easter is more than just a long weekend. It’s also the perfect time to celebrate the ‘goodness’ of Easter and by that we mean the ‘goodies’ of Easter, and for those having a major sweet tooth, you can’t resist a good Easter treat from various bakeries & pastry shop sin the City, and one among them being Vas & Son/Bakery Bendore managed by Bryan Vas, where in lieu of our greed, you can celebrate the love of Easter. Goodies, eggs and cakes, Bryan and his Bakers have to offer.

And if you are not cooking at home on Easter Sunday, then head on to the “BEST EASTER BRUNCH” in town at Hotel Taj Gateway, Old Port/Bunder Road, Mangaluru, where they are putting up quite a special show this Sunday with a gourmet buffet spread, including unlimited “Cold Ones”? A special hospitality and Easter treat by General Manager Peter Nirmal, F&B Manager Noor Mohammed and his Team, are all ready to welcome you at the Taj, with their Signature Taj Style, making sure you go home happy after feasting on a sumptuous buffet/meal !

When I was a kid I had no idea what an Easter Egg was, but these days Easter like Christmas has become so commercialized that Easter is incomplete without Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies, and other fancy goodies. And especially for kids these days, the meaning of Easter is to crack open Easter eggs and eat the candies stuffed inside them? For a couple of days, Mangalorean Christians have been hopping around the city to grab some Easter eggs and other Easter goodies. Few bakeries/pastry shops in town have been selling Easter eggs and other goodies, like Easter bun with a cross on it etc; etc; pertaining to Easter. And all the owners/managers of these stores said that the business is brisk, with people shopping for a variety of Easter eggs, cakes, candies, pastries etc. Most of these decorated Easter eggs are either made of chocolate, vanilla, chocolates and marzipan. And with mom and dad coming down to Mangaluru with their kids, the shopping spree for Easter eggs and other goodies are on the rise.

Sources reveal that the tradition of Easter eggs was introduced in Mangaluru by the Britishers who lived in this coastal town before India got Independence. The story behind the Easter egg is that – the hard shell of the egg is believed to be the sealed tomb of Jesus Christ and the cracking of the egg symbolizes Christ’s resurrection from the dead. And the fun part is that the children are made to believe that Easter bunnies (rabbits) bring Easter eggs and hide them in the house or the house yard/garden. (For that matter the “bunnies” happen to be kids’ parents/relatives/teachers). Although Easter Egg Hunt is not so popular in Mangaluru- the ” Rome of the East”, but in many Christian countries, especially USA, there’s no Easter celebration without an ‘Easter Egg Hunt. Even the President of the United States participates with the kids during the Easter Egg Hunt, which takes place annually during Easter at the White House lawn.

Bryan Vas-Proprietor of Vas & Son/Bakery, Bendore is in all Smiles due to good Easter business in 2022

Talking to Bryan Vas of Vas & Son/Bakery-Bendore, where he said, “This year’s Easter Eggs come out has been brisk, since we had 5-6 different colors of eggs. These days demand for Easter eggs and other modern Easter goodies are growing, ever since we started making these eggs a few years ago. This year we have prepared over 1000 Easter eggs, and most of them are already sold, and will add a few more today. We also sold many ‘Easter Buns with Cross on it’ named as “Hot Cross Buns, since it is a very popular item during Easter, among Catholic families- and they too are sold out. There has also been a huge demand for home-made wine and rum/raisin cakes. Each Easter egg is priced between Rs 60, and MEGA size Easter egg is Rs 360 (filled with varieties of chocolates/goodies. And with many Mangaloreans coming down for Easter from the Gulf, this Easter has brought smiles on my face”.

Ullhas Rasquinha, Proprietor of Gerosa Company said, “There has been great demand for the relics/statues of Risen Christ, and this year we had a large collection in various sizes and colors. Demand for these items are from Churches and religious organizations. At Easter we celebrate the joy of the Lord, the joy of Jesus’ resurrection. But lately the real tradition of Easter has been lost, instead it has been very much commercialized like Christmas, where it’s all about Easter goodies and cakes”.

Many NRIs who missed back-to-back Christmas as well as Easter celebrations due to the pandemic, have already reached home here to celebrate Easter. The pandemic, travel restrictions and fear of losing jobs had forced them not to take vacations. However, the situation is improving across the globe, and the opening of regular international flights has made them take vacations after a long time. Yours Truly of Team Mangalorean met and interacted with a bunch of people coming down from Gulf, and it was easy to track them, for the fact many were wearing T-shirts or polo shirts with imprints like “Fly Emirates”; “Duty Free Dubai Shopping”; “I Love Dubai” etc, and also women seen wearing glittering 24-karat jewelery around their necks and hands.

Married recently, Husband and wife, Stephen and Carol Pinto working in Kuwait said, “We had left for Kuwait after we got married last year. Finally, we are coming back to meet our near and dear ones, after a gap of one year, due to being stuck in Kuwait of Covid restrictions’ ‘. Yet another couple, Roshan and Severine D’souza working in Dubai, finally able to come down to Mangaluru to meet their Parents and family members said, “We go down every year either for Christmas or Easter. However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to postpone our plans for the last two years. Finally we are here, and want to make best use of our vacation, even though our father, who is bedridden due to a stroke”.

People in queue to buy Dukra Mass (Pork)- a must for the Mangalorean Easter Meal?

Stanley Mathias, was able to come for Easter celebrations last year, but says that it was not a good one. “There was the fear of lockdown being imposed, and closure of international flights due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, a few days after I landed in Mangaluru. I was anxious to go back, with no mood for celebration. Luckily I am here this Easter, and hope to have a gala time with family and friends,”. Charles said that he had been planning to visit his hometown of him for the past two years, but that there is still the fear of losing one’s job. “There is uncertainty about our jobs. Many who had gone on holidays have lost their jobs. Anyways, I took the risk and am happy to be here with my parents and family members’ he said

As the Easter Vigil Eucharistic ceremony is held at various Churches in the City, Church volunteers are seen giving a final touch to the arrangements. At St Sebastian Church-Bendur where the Easter Vigil is scheduled for 7 pm tonight (16 April), the volunteers are busy setting the Altar backdrop, and other settings. At Rosario Cathedral, the arrangements are getting ready for the Easter Vigil mass.

With a bunch of themed cupcakes, Easter has never been cuter this year. Along with Easter cookies and cake pops, the Easter cupcakes will leave you drooling for more, especially the fondant bunny ears atop a lovely chocolate base. With so much fun and frolic that will be going on for Easter, enjoy a happy Easter with some of the amazing food options, goodies in the true spirit of EASTER.

Team Mangalorean wishes our readers Easter greetings in advance- “Happy Easter to you and your family. May you enjoy a joyful and lovely Easter holiday filled with the Lord’s contentment”.

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