New Candy Cinderella Castle Sweetens Up Magic Kingdom

We stumbled upon something new in one of the windows of Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Confectionery: a Cinderella Castle candy display that looks good enough to eat.

A hallmark of Main Street, USA, Main Street Confectionery awaits guests as they enter the park for the day and head out for the night. But we noticed something different on a recent visit to Magic Kingdom: a new window display featuring a Cinderella Castle bedazzled with (fake) candies!

Previously, this window housed a display advertising the delicious Wonderland Tea blends sold in the store.

Candy Cinderella Castle Display: What to Look For

Immediately, you’ll notice this special display uses the new pink, gold, and blue colors from the castle’s recent makeover. It’s also got the special 50th anniversary medallion in the center, placed on top of a (fake) rainbow lollipop that just takes me back to my first Disney World trip.

cinderella-castle-candy-display-main-street-confectionery-magic-kingdom_robinson Note the castle, with the 50th anniversary medallion, behind all the tantalizing treats. Photo by Ilana Robinson

Because Main Street Confectionery has a partnership with Mars, the castle is made to look like it’s been bedazzled with M&M’s. Of course, these aren’t actual candies, but it’s quite convincing, especially when passing by quickly.

Remember When? This isn’t Cinderella Castle’s first edible glow-up. For the 25th anniversary, the actual, physical castle was transformed into a pink birthday cake, to mixed reactions. We spoke with one of the designers of that enormous castle cake in our 100th issue. Order your copy today.

When checking out the special candy Cinderella Castle at Main Street Confectionery, keep your eyes peeled for hidden Mickeys. This thing is chock full of ’em.

hidden-mickeys_candy-cinderella-castle-main-street-confectionery_robinson Hidden Mickey over the 50. Photo by Ilana Robinson
hidden-mickeys_cinderella-castle-candy-display-main-street-confectionery_robinson This whole thing is just hidden Mickeys! Photo by Ilana Robinson

But this is more than just artwork; it’s a display showing off some of the goodies you can get inside Main Street Confectionery. Two of the castle turrets even rotate to show of the sweets.

rotating-turret_candy-cinderella-castle-model_main-street-confectionery_robinson Two turrets rotate. Photo by Ilana Robinson

Some of the treats on display include pink cotton candy to match the castle, rice krispie treats (complete with M&M’s, real this time), candy apples, and chocolate coins.

cotton-candy_cinderella-castle-main-street-confectionery_robinson Pink cotton candy. Photo by Ilana Robinson
candy-display-cinderella-castle-main-street-confectionery_robinson More goodies. Photo by Ilana Robinson

Main Street Confectionery Hours and Location

Main Street Confectionery is located inside Magic Kingdom at the foot of Main Street, USA, right as you enter the park from the front gate. It is on the right side of the street.

Main Street Confectionery generally opens and closes with the park. It is even open during early entry hours and extended evening hours.

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