Taco Stop is open on Brady Street, with family recipes from Veracruz

Mom's Secret Chicken Enchiladas, a menu item at Taco Stop, is from a family recipe from Veracruz, on Mexico's Gulf Coast.

A Milwaukee restaurant family has expanded to add a third location: Taco Stop now is open on the lower east side, at 1426 E. Brady St.

That’s in the plaza that also houses Walgreens, meaning the east side site has the rare parking lot.

The menu includes recipes from owner AJ Agiss’ mother that go back generations, he said.

The family is from Veracruz, along Mexico’s Gulf Coast; they immigrated more than 20 years ago, when he was 11. Both of his parents work at the restaurants.

“Coastal town recipes are made with very light ingredients,” he said — vegetable oil is used, not lard, and the seasoning is kept light.

“Our recipes are super light because where we come from is super hot and super humid,” Agiss said.

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