What Students Are Saying About Candy Stores, Acts of Generosity and Things That Disgust Them

I feel a strong sense of disgust towards human secretions. Even the presence of these two words side by side sends a bone-trembling chill down my spine. The article mentions disgust being tied to either your senses or your mental association with the object. In my case, both my senses and mental state are revolted by the thought of the things that come out of our bodies. After all, our body disposes of them for a reason. The more you think about the various forms of human secretion the more disgusted you become of them. For example, when questioned on the topic, my former friend brought up the fact that human secretions are sometimes digested (they were not my friend anymore after that comment).

Jaclyn, CA

I find it disgusting and inhuman when someone wakes up in the morning and decides that they are going to harm someone that day. I find it disgusting how many school shootings have occurred in a country that is supposed to be free and safe and open for everyone. Disgust can be used in a variety of ways and it takes on a different connotation in regards to the thing or idea that it is disgusting. I don’t feel the same disgust in regards to moldy food that I do with horrific accidents or choices, but it IS still disgust.

Kelsey Marie, Fort Worth

What disgusts me is the idea and trend of high end fashion. Why it disgusts me is because people will wear clothes worth thousands of dollars, that are not even comfortable, just because of the brand or name on the tag. Many people will only wear certain clothes because they are trendy and think therefore, it will make them trendy. Newsflash, it does not.

Brady, Glenbard West HS

A time when I felt disgusted was when my eldest sister finally got a boyfriend. They never stopped talking and it would happen every single day late at night and I would never get enough sleep because of it, and the part when I always get disgusted is when she randomly starts to talk in a babyish voice. I find it so weird and gross for example she once said “pwease” and it was so weird and I had the goosebumps because of how disgusted I was…

Nellie, Brooklyn NY

[T]he idea behind something that disgusts you and how/where you grew up matters A LOT. To most people in the US eating cow brain wouldn’t be the most appetizing to them, but it is something that is very normal for people living in Indonesia and they really enjoy it. I would say that the thing that most people are disgusted by in the US is typical Asian food, just because it is so different from our customary food. The show with James Corden where they answer questions or eat “gross” food is a prime example. Most of the food on that show is from Asia but they call it gross just because they don’t eat it. Eating moldy food is gross because it won’t taste good and will most likely make you sick, but foods from other cultures aren’t just because you don’t like it and aren’t used to it.

Nicole, Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC

As an autistic person, I struggle a lot with sensory issues. They cause a lot of things I want to like (especially food and textures on clothes) make me feel disgusting. Like I need to get it off and escape whatever it is. Textures are extremely difficult. Some, like blankets, peaches, soda that feels like tv static, and thick paper are very nice. But some, such as avocado, scratchy sweaters, and cream cheese make me want to jump out of my skin. Just the sight of some textures make me shiver and twitch. What bothers me are often comfort foods or textures for people around me, which is fascinating to me. I do not understand how they can enjoy something that causes such a reaction in myself. I am often jealous, as my sensory issue causes me to miss out on stuff I want to enjoy.

Bunny, Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC

If I see a filthy lunch table, the split second image on me eating on it is enough to put me off sitting at that table for the next few weeks. This may be just me about the imagery bit, but that’s probably influenced by my synesthesia, specifically chromasthesia, and it often means that I have extremely vivid imagery in my head, even when not related to colors. I think that my chromasthesia is also often why I feel that sounds can be just as disgusting as the sight of something, because my brain will translate a disgusting sound to a disgusting texture and color, or combination of colors.

Deeksha, Oregon

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