Most Indulgent Chocolate Gift Baskets

This year avoid the guessing work. Send the gift of copious amounts of decadent chocolate to your friends and loved ones! Some may think it’s boring or predictable, but is a milk chocolate covered truffle filled with an unknown type of delicious filling ever get old? Sweet and salty, fruity and creamy, Nutty and chewy… the combinations are endless. We’ve rounded up the most indulgent chocolate offerings from around the country guaranteed to please any chocolate lover. Whether you’re looking for artisanal chocolates with unique flavor combinations or classic chocolate boxes filled with traditional treats, we’ve got you covered.

See’s Candies | Holiday Ornaments Gift Pack

See’s Candies is celebrating 100 years in business this year, so you know their chocolate is going to be a showstopper. This gift pack has something for everyone in the family and comes in an ornamental box that’s perfect for stashing under the tree. Included in the box is peanut brittle, assorted lollypops, molasses chips dipped in chocolate, one pound of chocolate truffles and more. In total it offers over eight pounds of See’s Candies’ best treats!

Buy: Holiday Ornaments Gift Pack$220.00

Norman Love Confections | All Our Love Gift Tower

Hailing from Fort Meyers, Florida, Norman Love has been crafting unparalleled chocolates since 2001. This magnificent chocolate dream tower is the gift that never stop giving (at least for quite some time!). This three-tiered tower is not only beautifully packaged, but comes filled to the brim with every time of chocolate confection you could want.

In the top box are pecan turtles; dark chocolate covered orange sticks; vanilla sea salt caramels and more. In the middle box are countless milk, dark and white chocolate bars; a 25 piece chocolate gift box; chocolate covered nuts and more. And finally in the bottom box is a 15 piece dark chocolate box; milk chocolate covered malt balls, oreos, jelly beans and more; caramel popcorn; chocolate mousse pops and lots of other treats.

Buy: All Our Love Gift Tower$425.00

Mrs Prindables | Indulgent Holiday Caramel Apple Gift Basket

Who didn’t grow up loving caramel apples? Well this insanely decked out gift basket has that and so much more. Most of which is drenched in a luscious coating of chocolate and caramel! This pretty basket comes with seven caramel-coated, orchard-fresh Granny Smith Apples ranging from milk chocolate toffee to triple chocolate; white, milk and caramel coated pretzel rods; chocolate truffles; dark chocolate peppermint bars and more.

Buy: Indulgent Holiday Caramel Apple Gift Basket$169.99

Simply Chocolate | Simply Chocolate Deluxe Celebrate the Season Basket

For a festive chocolate basket that has something for everyone, check out the Simply Chocolate Deluxe Celebrate the Season Basket. This deluxe basket is filled with an assortment of dark chocolate almond bark, milk chocolate caramel pecan clusters, chocolate covered cherries, bridge mix, chocolate covered pretzels, a molded Christmas tree and more. It’s festively presented in a wood slat basket tied with Simply Chocolate ribbon.

Buy: Simply Chocolate Deluxe Celebrate the Season Basket$79.99

See’s Candies | Gift of Elegance

This golden box is filled with four pounds of See’s Candies’ favorite chocolates and candies and wrapped nicely with an organza ribbon. This is truly an over-the-top box of chocolates that will bring a smile to anyone who sees it. This enormous box measures in at nearly a foot by two feet and comes with everything from nuts, caramels and chews to milk and dark chocolates to candy including pecan rolls and fudge.

Buy: Gift of Elegance$124.00

Topogato | “Deep Flavor Experience” Chocolate Gift Box

Topogato offers gourmet chocolate and sweet treats handmade in San Francisco. This gift box is filled with gem-like chocolates that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. Complete with creamy ganaches and delicious crunches, this curated assortment of dark chocolate truffles and gourmet chocolate bars include a 6-piece Dark Chocolate Truffle Box (Assorted); 2 Coconut Passionfruit Chocolate Bars; 2 Strawberry Almond Chocolate Bars; and 1 Espresso Chocolate Bar.

Buy: “Deep Flavor Experience” Chocolate Gift Box$60.00

See’s Candies | Holiday Bliss Nuts & Chews

This mini-tower of treats is for the chocolate lovers who like a little crunch and texture with their chocolate. Inside is one pound of chocolates with a variety of nut-filled chocolates, chocolate cover caramels and enrobed nougats. In addition there’s a 12-piece truffle box with classics like the dark chocolate, cafe au lait and blueberry truffles and another mini-assortment in its own little box for further gifting.

Buy: Holiday Bliss Nuts & Chews$52.50

Centennial Christmas Tin

Featuring the artwork of Dorothy Gray Forbes who has been creating hand-drawn designs for the company for years, this keepsake is filled with an assortment of milk, dark and white chocolate. It’s a collectible honoring See’s Candies 100 years in business and is something that can be kept for years to come. It’s filled with around 25 pieces including limited edition truffles like the egg nog truffle, butterscotch squares, toffees, cashew brittle, chocolate-covered nuts and more.

Buy: Centennial Christmas Tin$35.00

Jacques Torres Chocolate | Ultimate Sweets Hat Box

Packaged in famed New York City chocolatier, “Mr. Chocolate” Jacques’ signature hat box and hand tied ribbon, this is an impressive gift basket that’s filled with everything from chocolate bars and chocolate nuts to more unique treats including dark chocolate corn flakes, milk chocolate covered cheerios and dark chocolate covered graham crackers. If that’s not enough to get you excited, inside is also a 50 piece bon bon assortment and a 10 piece box of Champagne truffles.

Buy: Ultimate Sweets Hat Box$245.00

TheoChocolate | Food of the Gods

Known as a leader in the organic and fair-trade chocolate industry, Seattle-based maker, Theo Chocolate is offering an incredible chocolate gift box filled with a variety of both unique and traditional chocolate offerings, as well as handcrafted creations. Dark chocolate bars come in special flavors that include root beer, horchata, grapefruit ginger and more. Also inside are packs of almond butter cups, peanut butter cups, coffee and cream cups, and coconut bites. More over there’s a selection of artisanal caramels and cookie bites. So if you love chocolate and are looking for an option that’s far more one-of-a-kind than your basic chocolate box, this is it!

Buy: Food of the Gods$99.99

GODIVA Chocolate | Holiday Luxury Chocolate Gift Basket

Go all out this holiday season and send this over flowing gift basket that hold eight individual gifts any chocolate connoisseur would appreciate. Inside is 32-piece and 16-piece Assorted Chocolate Holiday Gift Boxes; 70-piece Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box; 12-piece Limited Edition Holiday Truffles; Star Ornament with 10 wrapped milk and dark chocolate truffles; 50-piece G Cube Holiday Tin with wrapped chocolate truffles in three luscious flavors; 6-piece Cherry Cordials and a 24-piece Signature Truffles Gift Box. It’s more than enough to share all season long!

Buy: Holiday Luxury Chocolate Gift Basket$349.00

Simply Chocolate | Grand Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Gift

Have you heard of a hot chocolate charcuterie board? If not, it’s time to change that! This basket is filled with rich hot cocoa from the famous San Francisco chocolatier, Ghirardelli, along with all the sweet toppings and fixings you could dream of. Included is hot cocoa favorites like soft peppermint sticks, cocoa bombs and vanilla bean marshmallows presented atop a wooden cutting board. Moreover, it’s packed with milk chocolate peppermint bark; Kensington Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies; Little Whisk Caramel S’more Cookies; and more holiday treats.

Buy: Grand Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Gift$139.99


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