Planetozzi, The Leading Sustainability Partner For Responsible Organizations And Institutions, Is Proud To Introduce The O2go High5 Closed-Loop Take Back Program For Zero Waste.

Planetozzi is a revolutionary new system that eliminates traditional disposable take-out containers for all segments of the food services industry.


California – April 18th, 2022 – PlanetOZZI, the leading sustainability partner for responsible organizations and institutions, is proud to introduce the O2GO High5 Closed-Loop Take Back Program for Zero Waste in its mission to provide high-quality reusable food containers to change the world from disposable to reusable. They offer customized designs for their O2GO reusable containers with the customer’s favorite logo or colors.

“Our Made in the USA O2GO reusable containers by OZZI, have been successfully tested by Ecolab for up to 1,000 commercial washes,” says the spokesperson of PlanetOZZI, “and we’re proud to introduce this Take Back Program for zero waste, where our customers, after 300+ uses, can return their O2GO High5 containers to PlanetOZZI to be recycled and reused.”

This High5 program is made available to recycle worn products. With each O2GO container having the ability to be used up to 300 times, recyclable becomes greatly more sustainable than a compostable option. OZZI O2GO containers line is formed with 100% sourced BPA-free plastic; it is 100% recyclable, meaning that once an O2GO container has become worn down from repeated use, the #5 plastic can be melted down and remade into other recycled material products. This line of products is also ECOLAB Ware tested for 1000 washes.

OZZI reusable to-go containers are more beneficial to both the user and the environment than compostable or recyclables, reducing waste and emissions, it is a must-have for achieving the end goal of a zero-waste society. Today, nearly 25 million containers have been diverted from landfills and oceans worldwide. That is only the first sign of what is to come and the beginning of OZZI’s impact as the journey towards a zero-waste society continues.

In addition, it makes for a cost-effective alternative to single-use containers. Finally, it can be easily adapted to an organization’s operations in any sector — ranging from health care to education and business, and others.

PlanetOZZI is a revolutionary system that eliminates traditional disposable take-out containers for all segments of the foodservice industry by utilizing enhanced technology. OZZI products are designed for college and university campus dining centers as well as all facets of business and industry, health care, hotels, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, quick service, sports, and entertainment venues.

Wherever food and beverages are served (to-go) in paper, plastic, or foam containers, PlanetOZZI is making a difference. It is a truly amazing system, that is changing America from a disposable society into a nation devoted to more sustainable and ecologically minded reusable containers.

Amongst national food service management companies, many prestigious colleges and universities coast to coast have partnered with the OZZI system. From its very start, the mission of PlanetOZZI has been designed to be environmentally conscious, user friendly, and 100% effective in the elimination of disposable products generated from foodservice operations. The success of the OZZI brand is strategic and planned for a sustainable future as evidenced by the growth in sales and popularity. PlanetOZZI has now averted an estimated 25 million disposable containers to date.

About PlanetOZZI

PlanetOZZI is a revolutionary new system that eliminates traditional disposable take-out containers for all segments of the foodservice industry. The OZZI Solution is a closed-loop system that begins with a participant receiving a container by either; a one-time purchase to get into the program or being granted their first container by dining services. The participant will fill their container with food and eat in or take their meal to-go. Once they finish their meal, they return their used O2GO container to an OZZI machine, where the container is dropped into a collection cart, which creates an easy system for dining services to clean them, then the participant is then issued a token or credit by their return. The next time they would like to use O2GO, they give the cashier their token or swipe their card and receive a new container.

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