The 2021 Sweets & Snacks Expo’s Top Snacks You’ll Want Right Now

skittles gummies and tomato jerky

Lindsey Ramsey

I think if 2020 taught us anything, it was all about the healing power of snacks and sweets (and to wash your hands!). So, naturally, when given the chance to check out this year’s best new treats at the 2021 Sweets & Snacks Expo in Indianapolis earlier this week, I jumped at the opportunity. With more than 450 exhibitors represented, I saw every possible snack and sweet and combination of the two you can imagine. After an epic day scouring the show floor, these were the 25 snacks I know I’ll be stocking up on asap. Join me on this snack adventure, won’t you?

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I wasn’t prepared for how into these I’d be. I’ve always been a Starbursts person, and generally not a huge fan of Skittles, but turn them into gummies and I can’t seem to control myself. This bag was gone in record time. The gummies are also available in a Wild Berry flavor pack, too.


Jelly Belly Sparkling Water

Imagine the ultimate double take when I tell you how I stopped in my tracks once I spied these packages of Jelly Belly Sparkling Water. Available in 8 flavors including Wild Cherry, Watermelon, Pina Colada, and Pink Grapefruit, you can now drink your favorite Jelly Belly flavors without shame. Even better news: Juicy Pear is the next flavor on the docket.


Dippin’ Dots Ultimate Brownie Batter

Remember when mom would let you lick the spoon after she mixed up a batch of brownies? Well Dippin’ Dots went ahead and made that experience into their iconic ice cream of the future. Loaded with brownie bits, alongside classic chocolate ice cream, this flavor is totally worth the brain freeze.


Candy Pop Sour Patch Kids

So new the booth didn’t even have a packaging sample to show me, but I’m happy to report that my ultimate movie snack combo is now a snack for all to enjoy. This will be available in the fall and combine the salty wonder that is popcorn with the sour-sweet glory of Sour Patch Kids. A grateful nation thanks you!

Winner of the Best in Show award at this year’s expo, these babies have a gummy center that is basically rolled in the crunchy, fruity nerds you love. The combo of textures makes for a truly glorious experience.


Reese’s Pieces Brownie Brittle

Get your Reese’s Pieces fix with a mix of brownie flavor, the crunch of brittle, and all for only 130 calories per serving? Dreams do come true.


Turin Fireball Whiskey Chocolates

Mexican chocolate company Turin already made chocolates filled with top shelf liquor like 1800 Tequila, Johnnie Walker Scotch, Brandy, and Malibu Coconut Rum, but obviously I beelined straight over to try their newest sweet: chocolate filled with Fireball. I was surprised how well the combo of chocolate and spicy whiskey complimented each other. Plus, every bite produced a satisfying ooze of booze from the middle of the candy.


Fruity Pebbles Candy Bar

This thing is massive. I was at first struck by the sheer size as I passed these, but then I saw how loaded the bars are with those irresistible Fruity Pebbles pieces. There was also a Cocoa Pebbles version, but my vote goes to this one because a white chocolate and rainbow-dotted candy bar is truly something to behold.

Can I interest you in a gummy worm that combines all your favorite flavors into one single bite? Well, meet Haribo’s brand new Rainbow Worms, which combine five varieties into one perfect gummy. And they said you couldn’t have it all.


Hostess Lemon Drizzle Baby Bundts

The squeal of delight that escaped me when I saw these made me glad that I didn’t know anyone around, but can you blame me? These are so damn cute! And they don’t just look good; with a subtle glaze of lemon and icing, these baby bundts definitely deserve a chance when your next Hostess kick hits.


Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Snow Cone

Channel your summertime all year long with this snow cone-inspired gum that is shaped like little ice cubes. Each cube is dotted with red and blue crystals, and offers up a fun and refreshing flavor that will make your tastebuds feel like they are on vacation.


Mentos Gum with Vitamins

Freshen your breath and take your vitamins? Mom would be so proud. This citrus-y gum is packed with Vitamins B6, B12, and C so you can finally feel good that your gum is actually good for you.


Reese’s Big Cup with Pretzels

Winner of one of the Innovation Awards at the conference, the brilliance of these still deserves even more attention.

Why choose between classic plain, peanut butter, and peanut M&M’s when you can have a bag of all three? M&M’s Classic Mix gives you all of your favorites in one bag that will be gone before you finish this sentence.

For the true peanut lovers out there, M&M’s also created a Peanut Mix bag that offers a combo of milk chocolate dark chocolate and white chocolate Peanut M&M’s. Your chocolate-peanut cravings will be fulfilled in no time.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Oreos make everything better. That truth is on clear display with this brand new version of these chewy caramel, cream-filled sticks.

Just when you were happy it was summertime, along comes Skittles to debut its first Candy Cane. Always committed to the bit, the Skittles Candy Cane features the full rainbow of flavors in every stick.


Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips

The brand didn’t even have packaging for these at the show, but that didn’t stop me from immediately taking a big old bite. Though not super visible in the photo, let me assure you that this is filled with an undeniable mix of crunchy potato chips and that Reese’s PB no one can get enough of.


Snickers Peanut Brownie

You love Snickers. You love brownies. How could you not love the marriage of the two in this bite-sized treat?

The Starburst flavors you love, now in lollipop form.

I’m not usually a jerky person, but I was SO CURIOUS when I spotted this brand new product on the show floor. Available in two flavors (Teriyaki & Cracked Pepper and Sriracha), this jerky is wonderfully chewy and full of tomato-y flavor. Plus, they are vegan and only 90 calories per serving. Cool enough to make me a jerky convert.

After a passionate online petition, the limited edition All Lime Skittles are back. In case you missed it, long ago Skittles changed its green flavor from lime to green apple. Ever since, the lime’s fans have called out for the return of their favorite flavor. Skittles has released bags that included the lime flavor since, but this is the first time you can go all lime, all the time.

A winner in the most innovative snacks competition at the show for its chocolate-covered strawberries, Tru Fru makes frozen fruit snacks at only 70-90 calories a pop. This Pina Colada flavor was flying off the sample station, no doubt due to it basically tasting like a vacation in one bite.


Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt

Made with 100% real fruit and surrounded with creamy yogurt, these new Fruit ‘n Yogurt snacks add a little something extra to your classic fruit snack.


Werther’s Original Caramel Popcorn with Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds

Caramel popcorn is pretty much perfect already, but this upgrade from Werther’s adds a satisfying crunch to the mix with the addition of sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

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