Gran’s recipes get 10million views on TikTok after opening account during pandemic

Bev Stewart, 61, became a social media star virtually overnight after her grandchildren urged her to set up her own TikTok account at the start of the pandemic

Bev Stewart
Bev Stewart started giving cooking tips on TikTok

A great has amassed more than 500,000 TikTok fans and clocked up 10.6million views for just one video with simple cooking tips on sausage and mash, scrambled eggs and pudding with lots of messy sprinkles.

Going under the name Nannabea, Bev Stewart, 61, waxes lyrical about “bloody gorgeous” noodle pots from Home Bargains, and declares of one takeaway: “Chips, gravy and scraps. Proper Yorkshire.”

The Yorkshire carer, who has four grandchildren, became a social media hit after they urged her to set up a TikTok account during the pandemic.

Bev said: “I’ve always liked a bit of attention so that helps.

“My half a million followers call me ‘nanna’ when they message me. It’s like I’ve 500,000 grandchildren.

She opened her account during the pandemic

The great became a social media star virtually overnight

“And they all shout ‘nanna’ to me in the street, mostly teenagers asking for cooking tips, and I throw in the odd silly dance.”

In her videos, Bev is seen trying to open Prosecco with her teeth, soaking in a hot tub, dying her hair pink, dressing up as an Oompa Loompa and lip syncing as Boris Johnson and Liam Gallagher.

In another clip on puddings, she says: “Once it’s creamed you’re going in with three eggs, just whack them in… get your sprinkles on and don’t make it too tidy…

Her videos get millions of views

“It’s Bird’s custard wi’ a bit of cocoa powder in. I can make real custard with egg yolks but only when I’m being posh!”

One of the 4ft 10in health care assistant’s most popular videos, with 10.6 million hits, is dedicated to her love for her former daughter-in-law.

Crooning to Tyler Shaw’s abcdefu, Bev, known as the singing carer, says: “I love you still and you know I always will till the end of time, I won’t change my mind.”

And Nannabea, of Keighley, West Yorks, is now so popular on TikTok she is being paid for her videos but donates the earnings to her local hospice.

Bev, whose “dead quiet” husband Dave pops up in some of the clips, said of her newfound fame: “I’m blown away.”

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