How To Make Crepes: Recipes and Video

Crêpes are the wonderful light and airy French street-food staple that can be dressed up or down, taken sweet or savory, and served for dessert or dinner.

Crepes are also easier to make than you think, and they’re a great vehicle for any number of fillings, allowing you to get creative with your favorite toppings and even use up fridge leftovers.

Find out how simple it is to make crepes in our round up of recipes below, including how to make some easy and delicious fillings, that you’ll re-visit time and time again.

What are Crêpes?

Crêpes are thin pancakes with a crunchy lace-like batter around the edges, and they hail from Brittany in the west of France. Fillings are usually added to the center of the crêpe so that they are visible with the edges partially folded over. Crêpes differ to thick and fluffy American-style pancakes in that they have no added raising agent, and tend to be more elastic, larger and flatter.

Crêpes can be served with a wide variety of fillings, such as jam or hazelnut cocoa spread, or something flavour, like ham or cheese.

Key Ingredients:

Crêpes are normally made with all-purpose flour, eggs, milk, sugar and butter. Ace champion French crêpier Christophe Beuriot says, use only very good ingredients and preferably organic. Go for whole farm milk, good big eggs and excellent organic flour.

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