Splendid Spoon raises $12m Series B funding to bolster niche spot in DTC meal delivery category

The funding round was led by Swedish investment company Nicoya (whose investment portfolio includes N!cks, El Taco Truck, Oatlaws, and Inika Superfoods) with participation from Danone Manifesto Ventures (Forager Project, Harmless Harvest, Farmer’s Fridge), Torch Capital, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Rent the Runway co-founder Jennifer Fleiss and Ashok and Meera Vasudevan, founders of Tasty Bite, which was recently acquired by Mars, among others.

Splendid Spoon was founded in 2013 by Centeno who was pregnant at the time and stressed out from working a full-time job while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Motivated to find a solution in which she and others like her could have access to easy and healthy meals, Centeno began attending culinary school at night. From there she created a line of vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free organic soups that required no meal prep or cooking from the end consumer.

Centeno began selling her wares at farmer’s markets and pop-ups in Brooklyn and delivering the product to colleagues on her lunch break. Demand skyrocketed, hitting on its first big break when Fresh Direct put in a large-scale order in 2013 and rolled Splendid Spoon products out nationally in 2015.

“Splendid Spoon has emerged as an innovator in the healthy eating category by efficiently streamlining the business model and connecting with its avid customer base,”commented Christopher Slim, CEO at Nicoya.

“Nicole’s vision a decade ago, to simplify plant-based eating for everyday Americans, is as important as ever, and we’re excited to take an active role in Splendid Spoon’s growth.”


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