Spring’s favorite vegetable gets a French twist

Christopher Kimball's Milk Street recipe for asparagus covered in sauce gribiche and fried capers.

Think of the classic French sauce gribiche as a dolled-up egg salad. But instead of adding mayonnaise to hard-cooked eggs, the eggs are mashed with bold ingredients like capers, mustard and herbs to a creamy consistency.

Rather than a sandwich filling, it typically is used as a lovely topping for grilled vegetables, chicken or fish, and countless chefs have put their own stamp on it.

For the version in our book “Milk Street Tuesday Nights,” which limits recipes to 45 minutes or less, we leave the capers out of the sauce and instead used the caper brine for an additional punch of flavor. The capers themselves are fried to create a crisp garnish for the sauced asparagus.

White balsamic vinegar instead of conventional wine vinegar adds a mild sweetness that balances the other pungent ingredients. Finally, a dose of horseradish gives the sauce a welcome piquancy.

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