The Absolute Best Ukrainian Restaurants In The US

Ukrainian East Village Restaurant is one of those establishments where the name not only lets you know its specialty but helpfully supplies the location, as well. The East Village in question is the one in Manhattan, and the Ukrainian food dished up by the restaurant is, according to some Trip Advisor users, among New York’s finest. Although the decor in this modest little out-of-the-way spot is nothing to write home about, the food is delightfully old-school Ukrainian.

Soups on the menu include classics like borscht, matzoh ball, and mushroom barley, but also a jellied bone broth made with chicken or pork. Other starters include olive salad, pelmeni, and krokety (crepes stuffed with cabbage, mushrooms, and onions). Cabbage rolls are available as a main dish, as is a Ukrainian-style beef goulash and a vegetarian entree consisting of toasted buckwheat groats and noodles called kasha varnishkes.

If you can’t decide between the many options, try the Ukrainian Combo Platter with stuffed cabbage, several types of pierogi, kovbasa sausage, and kasha or sauerkraut. A vegetarian version of this platter is available without the sausage, and the cabbage rolls and pierogi both come in meat-free versions.

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