The 12 Absolute Best Fish Sandwiches In The US

Tuna melts are, according to Taste Cooking, undeniably New York and a staple of American cuisine. For those who are unfamiliar, a tuna melt is a bold and heavy sandwich made from a mix of tuna salad, dill pickles, celery, lettuce, and cheddar and, of course, served warm and gooey. While allegedly first concocted in Charleston, tuna melts have made a home for themselves in chilly New York as the ultimate comfort food.

Unfortunately, since the start of the pandemic, the Big Apple has seen the fall of giants like Odessa diner, which doesn’t mean that the city’s best tuna melt still isn’t out there. In fact, it might have been here for a long time. A little off the beaten path, but whose deep green storefront is impossible to miss, is B&H Dairy Kosher Restaurant.

The classic restaurant, which was first opened in 1938, is one of New York City’s oldest remaining kosher dairy lunch counters. Though the octogenarian restaurant has opted to keep its classic interior and iconic green storefront, it offers a tuna melt, that looks like it could as well just be served in a hipster café. B&H serves the sandwich with a smoked whitefish salad pressed with gooey cheddar and between two fluffy slices of challah, which makes for an “abundant and joyful and perfect” melt (via Taste).

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