The 18 Best Food Documentaries of All Time

Two chefs assemble a plate in For Grace.
Two chefs assemble a plate in Grace (2015). Grace

From luxury Michelin-star restaurants to hot-headed chefs to the disgusting secrets hidden within the food supply chain, this is the definitive list of the 18 best food documentaries of all time (yes, there is one about wine, too). Want to know how the best sushi is rolled? Or how much corn and sugar goes into the food you eat every day? We got you.

Titles on this list may prompt you to start volunteering at a local farm, start shopping at local markets for your produce, re-imagine the way food is made in otherworldly cities (like Tokyo, Seville, and Tuscany), look closer at the food labels you buy, and maybe even go vegan. Between the corporate greed, the health nuts, and the food artisans, these documentaries will teach you something that will either sincerely interest you or terribly frighten you, either way, you’re learning something about all the food going into your body.

Bon appetite!

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