US Valet Gets Food Delivery Order From 1,000 Km Away, His Hilarious Reaction is Viral

Online food delivery platforms have undoubtedly made our lives easy. We can now order our favorite food from even faraway restaurants. While a distance of 10-15 kilometers for such deliveries is still justified, a delivery valet received a request from over a thousand kilometers away. Sharing the incident in a TikTok video, Kaelum Grant, from the state of Ohio in the USA, revealed that he received a DoorDash delivery request from Rhode Island which is approximately 741.1 miles or 1192 km away.

Kaelum obviously turned his back to this far fetched request because even if he took the day-long trip to complete the order, he would just receive $9.25 (Rs 694).

Kaelum (@kaelumgrantt) shared his hilarious reaction in a now-viral TikTok where he also gave some suggestions to the customer from Rhode Island. He advised the customer to make his own sandwich because the ordered food wasn’t coming to him.

“That meal is as good as gone. Forget about it, ain’t nobody bringing that food. They’re trying to send me on an adventure. 741.1 miles for $9.25? I should’ve come with the right hook with me, oh my gosh,” Kaelum added.

But the delivery request was not the only thing that flabbergasted Kaelum. The delivery valet was even more surprised with the delivery time estimation which suggested that the order would be delivered by 9:53 pm on the same night.

Kaelum’s TikTok post has broken the internet and received over 4.5 million views along with nearly 1.5 million likes.

Reacting to the clip, TikTok users expressed their surprise at the bizarre delivery request and shared their theories of how this goof-up happened. While the user suggested that the customer was probably drunk while ordering the food, another said that they must have forgotten to change the VPN or the delivery address from their vacation in Ohio.

Whatever it was, the mix up surely gave an amusing moment to the netizens.

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