69th Street Productions acquired Worldwide rights of the upcoming TV MiniSeries ‘Recipes for Love”

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Hollywood, California Mar 3, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – 69th Street Productions, a Pennsylvania-based Production Company has acquired worldwide rights to the comedic TV Mini-Series “Recipes for Love”. The ensemble series is led by multi award-winning Actor Daniel Baldwin, SAG Award winner and Primetime EMMYS Nominee Nicholas Turturro, the former Ms. United States and Ms. Universe Dawna Lee Heising, Hollywood Actor Bruce Soscia, former Soviet Union show hostess Sasha Kerbel , veteran Actress Jennifer Butler (The Nomads), recording artist Will B, Susan Moses (The Last Five Years) and veteran Actor Barry Onody (Warrior of Eight Flags).

The mini-series “Recipes for Love” focuses on a married couple coping with their mother-in-law’s antics as they try to gain fame and fortune as well as dealing with the difficulties their teenage daughter encounters during her dating years. The series aims to teach people the importance of family one episode at a time. Written by Teresa Warwick, Directed by Mike Le, Produced by Diana Ramos-Santiago Carter, and Executive produced by Harry J. Karapalides, Esquire (President), Eleftherios Kostans (Vice-President) of 69th Street productions.

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Karapalides, is an active attorney practicing law in Pennsylvania for over thirty-five years, with offices in Upper Darby, Delaware County. Also, he is a published author of historical novels and non-fiction work, magazine articles, and internet articles and blogs. His textbook on the American Revolution has been used in archaeological digs in Williamsburg, Virginia, and other revolutionary war locations.

Kostans, is a veteran international photographer who has worked for a variety of organizations, agencies, and publications. His work by him has appeared in Time, Newsweek, and People magazines. He worked as a contract photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer for 10 years, and was a correspondent for Sipa-Press Agency in New York, where he covered regional, national, and global news.

Additional confirmed cast Armand Madeo, Emilio Difabio, Theresa Farrell, Jose Gonsalves, John Giordano, Leslie Daniela, James Warwick, Olivia Basket, Buddy Caine Danny Doherty, Charmar Jeter, Billy Hartman, Bella Demond among others.


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