How SuperMeat Is Trying To Change The Way Cultivated Meat Is Produced

According to SuperMeat CEO Ido Savir, the priciest component in making lab-cultivated meat is the cell-growth serum. Savir told Food Dive, “You can ask anyone who is in biotech or anything related to cells: the cells that we’re using… are very early embryonic stem cells. These are the hardest to grow and the hardest to maintain and use in terms of production.”

To offset the cost of production, SuperMeat is launching a movement to lower the price of this special cell-growth serum, which accounts for a large part of the reason making lab-cultivated meat is such an expensive process, in the first place. Savir told VegNews, “The entire cultivated meat industry is at the stage of demonstrating that cultivated meat manufacturing is viable on a commercial scale — and that the demand exists from consumers to do so.”

In a March press release, SuperMeat announced that it would be partnering with food biotechnology company Ajinomoto to formulate more cost-effective cell growth materials. If successful, this development would make cultivated meat marginally more accessible to the modern consumer grocery market. Step aside, corn sausages.

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