‘It’s a restaurant on wheels’

Brittany Conley serves food to customers for the Horns, Fins & Feathers food truck on May 28 at Stone Crest Vineyard and Winery.  The widely popular food truck, owned by Zanesville's Kem Gibson and Brian Waller, specializes in fresh meat and seafood not often seen in food trucks.

ZANESVILLE — It was a toasty Friday evening on the pavement in front of Hobby Lobby and sundown was approaching. Per usual, Chef Brian Waller and his crew were sapped after a long day of cooking in the Horns, Fins & Feathers food truck.

The hefty stack of receipts told the story of another successful day.

“Three-hundred and four,” Waller said, shortly before closing the day’s business. “It’s crazy.”

This is not a rare occurrence.

One of Zanesville’s most popular traveling road shows has seemingly gotten the attention of everyone who loves meat and seafood. It has far exceeded the expectations that Waller and his mother, Kem Gibson, had when they formulated the idea last year.

Unlike most food trucks that specialize in non-traditional restaurant items, Waller and Gibson have brought the gourmet element of fine dining to the outdoor atmosphere and mobility of a truck.

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