Not Everyone Is Loving Rachael Ray’s ‘Mexican-Ish’ Street Corn Pasta

Those who follow the Food Network star’s social media accounts will know that this isn’t the first time the chef has gotten into hot water over her take on an international recipe. Instagram had mixed feeling about Ray’s arroz con pollo recipe, with fans claiming it was anything but what it claimed to be. Even her pico de gallo de ella with a twist — an attempt at another Mexican classic — was largely disapproved of.

Once again the cookbook author has fans up in arms with a “Mexican-ish street corn pasta” recipe she posted on Instagram. One infuriated fan says that Ray is “insulting 2 cultures at the same time with this recipe” and another says that her attempt at cooking Mexican cuisine is “past culture appropriation, it’s now just insulting.”

There are some fans who defend Ray for attempting to do something new and think that even though the dish isn’t necessarily Mexican, it looks delicious nonetheless. The rest, however, are not happy with just how far the recipe has strayed from the Mexican version. “I know as a chef you elevate ingredients but Mexican street corn with beer and pasta? NEGATIVE!,” says one user while another offers a more brutal comment stating that Ray should “chill out with attempting to fuse Italian dishes with authentic Mexican cuisine. ..epic fail,” and even insists that “some of the food network’s original talent needs to retire. Quickly.” Yikes!

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