The classic Glasgow sayings and habits that wind up Edinburgh and vice versa

As Central Belt rivals, Glasgow and Edinburgh have long held a healthy disrespect of one another, with both sets of locals regularly finding themselves wound up by each other’s sayings and habits.

There really is nothing the denizens of each city love better than to rile the other up, but, the funny thing is, most of the time we’re doing it without even realizing.

From funny wee sayings to the habits that make us unique, there are countless things us Glasgow people say and do that get on the absolute wick of Edinburgers – and vice versa. Here are a few of our favourites.

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Classic Glasgow-isms that enrage Edinburgers

Referring to all soft drinks as ‘ginger’

We’re not sure when and why us Glasgow folk started classifying all fizzy drinks as ‘ginger’, but the fact it riles east coasters up so much basically means it will be staying in our dialect for ever and ever.

Aye, not all soft drinks are Irn-Bru and ginger ale, Edinburgh, but a bottle of ginger is a bottle of ginger and that’s that! Deal wae it.

Saying ‘wirsels’ instead of ‘ourselves’

Few things beat the utter bafflement upon an east coaster’s face than when you come out with something like: “Wir gaun oan wir holidays by wirsels”. Weirdly, Geordies can understand this one perfectly – but not Edinburgers. Very strange indeed.

Tacking on ‘so I did’ at the end of a sentence

We’re pretty good at hammering the point home here in Glasgow and that’s why many of us often finish off our sentences with adding “so I/he/she/it did/was”. It basically confirms what we’re saying and makes sure you were listening to boot.

Even better – it’s guaranteed to make an Edinburgh person descend into full-on rage mode.

Mispronouncing ‘definitely’ as ‘definitely’

There’s just something about the pronunciation of the word ‘definitely’ that definitely doesn’t fit the Glasgow palate. At some point in history, one of our ancestors had the brilliant idea of ​​tweaking the word and so it stuck.

Apparently when we say ‘definitely’ it makes Edinburgh people’s toes curl. Splendid!

Uttering the words: ‘Ye’ll have mair fun at a Glesga funeral than an Edinburgh wedding’

Okay, we’re cheating a bit here as this saying was basically designed to get as far up the noses of east coasters as is humanly possible.

Edinburgh people detest this saying, but it’s their own fault for having absolutely zero chat and failing to perty properly.

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Classic Edinburgh-isms that enrage Glaswegians

Throwing in ‘like’ and ‘eh’ at every opportunity

It’s like a wee bit annoying, huh? Encountering an Edinburgh local who can get through a full sentence without a ‘like’ or an ‘eh’ is nothing short of a miracle.

We’re well aware of our unique way of speaking here in Glasgow, but east coasters never fail to grind our gears with this one. That accent doesn’t help one bit.

Salt and Sauce?

The great chip debate that has plagued the central belt for decades.

Yeah, Edinburgh, we all know what chippy sauce is – but we’re really not interested in drowning our fish suppers in brown acid.

Claiming Edinburgh is ‘prettier’ than Glasgow

There’s no debate that Edinburgh might have a slight edge on Glasgow when it comes to historic buildings plonked right in the middle of the city (we’ve got castles too, by the way), but that certainly doesn’t guarantee a better looking city . Anyway, People Make Glasgow – not just bricks and mortar. Nuff said!

Just a touch of snobbery

This one leads nicely on from the last. Many Glaswegians will have experienced an aloof-ness coming from our neighbors across the M8, who sometimes have a tendency to consider the capital city – and occasionally its residents, to be greater than.

Both cities have a lot to offer, and we’d argue the stream of celebs heading to the OVO Hydro every other day gives us a good few points.

Asking if you ‘ken’ every two seconds

Another phrase that’s become part of Edinburgh’s dictionary, that really rubs us up the wrong way – ken?

While the word is used across much of Scotland, they really like to throw it in wherever they can over in the east.


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