Corned beef and cabbage recipes benefit from Wisconsin potatoes

Alsum Farms and Produce is a family owned and operated business led by president and CEO Larry Alsum with his daughters Heidi Alsum-Randall (middle) and Wendy Alsum-Dykstra (right) as chief operation officers.  The granddaughters haven't yet officially joined the workforce at the Wisconsin-based company that grows potatoes, processes, packages and ships produce to large grocery chains and local stores.

Corned beef and cabbage take center plate in the traditional American St. Patrick’s Day meal, but don’t dismiss the importance of those taters sopping up all the overflowing goodness in a proper beer-infused broth.

Potatoes bring nutrients like potassium and vitamin C to the plate. Though, let’s be honest, this meal isn’t about nutrition. It’s about Irish-American tradition. And flavour. Rich fat-infused beefiness spiked with pickling spices boosted by cabbage’s mildly peppery flavor. Potatoes with their starchy, mild, earthy nature are both a counterbalance to that punch of flavor but also extend it by soaking in those seasonings while simmering in the pot.

And if you’re looking to add a wee bit o’ Wisconsin to your St. Paddy’s Day meal, you can pick up some homegrown spuds.

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