25 Best Snow Cone Flavors Ranked

This should be further up on the list, but it’s not. Perhaps it’s because it’s too overwhelming on its own, or that the pineapple isn’t as common a flavor in areas where people haven’t been exposed to it as in its fresh or canned version. But whatever the reason, this regal fruit has found itself in the lesser end of the popularity pool.

Pineapple syrup is incredibly sweet and tart, which might not be everyone’s favorite cup of … snow? This crown-wearing fruit does well as a secondary or tertiary flavor — after all, you can’t rule the snow cone kingdom if there’s no one else around you, right? Tropical flavors like coconut, orange, and even vanilla or wedding cake, really allow the somewhat aggressive pineapple flavor to shine through. (Not that we want to dim its “majestic status” or anything.) For obvious reasons, pineapple is incredibly popular in Hawaii (via Hawaiian Shave Ice), though it’s important to note that snowball manufacturing websites SnoWizard and Hypothermias both rank it in the top 20

The shave ice truck, Kona Ice, uses pineapple in a variety of flavor combinations, like piña colada, mai tai, Bahama mama, and even a hand-crafted combination called pineapple habanero (which obviously is sweet, tart, and spicy). So maybe one day, the dream of ruling the land of summer snow treats could be a possibility for this fruit… but not this year.

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