Best Grocery Stores In The US

Publix is ​​one of the largest US grocery store chains with over 1,200 stores. These stores are condensed into just seven states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia (via Publix). And the chain has had plenty of time to grow — it’s been around since 1930 when founder George W. Jenkins started it all. These days, the powerhouse supermarket chain has plenty of fans throughout the southeast. Publix was rated the best grocery store in the country for customer service in 2021 (via Supermarket News).

The goods made in-house are what makes Publix special, explains BuzzFeed. At the top of the list are chicken tenders and sweet tea. These southern delights are particularly delicious when made by Publix workers, for some reason. One Yelp reviewer thought they figured out the secret, writing, “instead of frying the chicken tenders and fries, they baked them! They were healthier and tasted great!” On Viewpoints, reviews raved about the iced tea. “Publix’s tea is seriously one of the best of the market. It is a little on the sweet side, but tastes oh so good on a hot day,” one writer said.

Maybe just as popular are the “Pub subs.” These grab-and-go sandwiches are a staple for Publix shoppers. Top options include the chicken tender sub, the Italian sub, the chicken cordon bleu, the ultimate sub (made with ham, turkey, roast beef, and Swiss cheese), and the Havana bold sub (which includes ham, gouda, bacon, and pickles).

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