Empire and Me: A Newsround Special

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Empire and Me: A Newsround Special

In March 2020 I covered one of the most important stories of the year – the murder of an African American man called George Floyd.

It felt shockwaves around the world and never did I think that almost two years later, that same story would lead to me sharing something very personal about my own life.

George Floyd’s murder led to anti-racism protests, which quickly spread from the USA all around the world. Many people protesting saw racism as a problem in their own countries.

In the UK, a debate began about Britain’s history, and in particular how we should look at the British Empire.

The British Empire was a system where Britain extended its influence across different parts of the world, eventually controlling large parts of the globe. The modern day country of Ghana used to be part of this empire.

I decided to travel to Ghana to find out exactly what happened when Britain was in control of the country and what impact that moment in history has on the country today.

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