introducing the innovative 320 ZPF by CTI FoodTech

An innovative industrial peach pitting machine – the 320 ZPF – just hit the American market.

The name stands for “Zero Pit Fragment”, which is the distinctive feature of this machine’s innovative technology, the result of years of investments in Research & Development by CTI FoodTech, a world leading manufacturer of industrial peach pitting machinery. Recently, the Italian company officially presented 320 ZPF to the public with an exhibitor booth at Food Processing Expo in Sacramento, California (USA).

320 ZPF is provided with an innovative system, covered by two international patents, designed to remove all kinds of pits – even empty or fragile – without leaving fragments stuck to the pulp. This allows, while still keeping a very high speed of 320 fruits per minute, to finally solve a common problem for peach processors, which climate change over the years further worsened. A possible result thanks to an intuition by CTI FoodTech engineers, whose idea of ​​radically modifying existing pitting technologies adds up to over 100 patents achieved in 30 countries around the world.

Processed through traditional pitting systems, “empty” or broken pits leave fragments stuck to the pulp, which require additional manpower to be employed for removal and quality control. Customers tend to show very low tolerance for this problem, since it can affect the product’s health safety.

Thanks to the patented continuous orientation system, the percent of fruits correctly oriented is equal to that of the torque system (around 90%), with no need for additional manpower. A feeder provided with an extra set of adapters allows ZPF to pit all kinds of peaches, of any variety, ripeness degree, size, with a better quality cut compared to other spoon pitters, because the spoons last longer and break less during the processing season , thanks to a 360° rotation driven by a brushless engine with variable rotation and speed.

Compatibility with Industry 4.0 standards is guaranteed by the factory management system connectivity facilities installed on the machinery and extends to the PLC/Servodriver, the pneumatic installation and lubrication system, the practical and modern touchscreen for function monitoring, with automatic fruit count and on-board diagnoses.

CTI FoodTech currently ranks second globally among peach pitting machinery manufacturers for number of units installed at processing plants around the world, right after an American multinational corporation.

The global processed peach market, particularly in the USA, showed immediate interest for the new machinery. In Spain, following the first test-run campaign, units upgraded or newly installed over the past two years now process around 80% of total production. The new model is generally reported to integrate perfectly with the other machines produced by the company, significantly improving the overall performance of production lines.

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