10 New Orleans Tours That Aren’t Necessarily Spooky

Being mostly designed in the eighteenth century, the flamboyant streets and stunning city parks of New Orleans are perfectly explorable on foot, making for many an excellent tour opportunity fulfilled with a pair of shoes and energized legs. Unlike many other US cities with long roads and attractions all spread out and requiring a vehicle or public transport, almost everything in the Crescent City is reachable with a simple stroll, making it easy to navigate and convenient to explore. In fact, it’s so easy that it’s possible to skip vehicle use entirely, opting for any of the numerous walking tours or handy bus excursions if those feet are feeling rather fatigued.

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Wherever one goes in New Orleans, from the famously fun French Quarter to the glorious Garden District and beyond, it’s clear that this part of Louisiana and its friendly locals have a few common denominators: a penchant for food, cocktails, music, art, old traditions, and of course, ghostly hauntings, scary stories, and mystic myths. With every other tour seemingly all about ghoulish tales and phantom hunting, New Orleans can be a terrifying place for those not so goosebumps inclined. However, not everyone wants to stomach the spooky side of the city, thus this fun menu of tours that celebrates the tangible New Orleans spirit sans spooks is definitely in need. Alas, these are the town’s most memorable tours that even the easily afraid can handle!

10 Two-Hour Drunk History Tour

The ultimate combination of booze and nefarious history, this tea-spilling tour reveals the truth behind New Orleans’s sketchy history. Think pirates, convicted felons, and ladies of the night, and that only just scratches the surface of what this tour teaches its tourists. Overall, this boozy-and-fascinating history lesson comes city exploration is the perfect way to let one’s hair down, throw a few New Orleans drinks down the gullet, and get to know the legendary French Quarter and some of the oldest neighborhoods in the entire United States.

With an array of iconic historic landmarks on the roster – such as St. Louis Cathedral and the very spot where the 1803 Louisiana Purchase was signed – there are so many stories of old to be enthralled by during this tour, which guests get the unique opportunity to experience first hand when they plant their feet in the very places its past people once stood. Ultimately, visitors who want an authentic and entertaining time learning about New Orleans’s dark underbelly with a drink or ten in hand – including its murderous shenanigans, criminal activity, voodoo rituals, and traditional burial practices – will have the time of their lives while getting tipsy throughout this storytelling journey through its heinous historic happenings.

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9 Hop-On, Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour

This handy number is the ideal way to discover New Orleans’s best high points without having to commit to a long-day tour. With 18 stops near the most iconic places in the city on the itinerary – from the National World War II Museum to the Superdome and more – this convenient and eye-opening bus trip ticks off everything visitors will want to see. What’s more, some tour operators offer headphones to deliver audio descriptions throughout the tour; however, many go one step further, and better.

Customers who hop on and hop off this kind of tour can have their very own experienced human guide leading the way, offering informative and entertaining live commentary and joyfully answering questions throughout the tour. The bus ticket also includes a number of free walking tours, allowing riders a more personal experience and the freedom to choose what they want to get off and see and what they want to skip.

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8 French Quarter Culinary History & Tasting Tour

Guests of this fantastic food-filled walking tour get to explore one of the most legendary neighborhoods in New Orleans, and better yet, they get to do so while sampling the city’s flavorful food that’s achieved global fame and an almost cult-like audience. With tasty, much-loved Cajun and Creole cuisine on the cards, tourers get to chow down on fan favorites, such as seafood gumbo, shrimp remoulade, and so many more New Orleanian fresh and fishy dishes. Also, several iconic fill-up stops are dotted along the way, which even include the city’s oldest eateries – like the famed Antoine’s Restaurant.

During this captivating culinary and cultural combo, visitors get the chance to taste their way through New Orleans, learning about everything from local architecture to ethnic flavors and influences. In summary, foodies in this part of Louisiana have found their calling – and they’ll tuck into some of the best grub in town while soaking up the magnetizing sounds, sights, and scenes of its bustling, multi-cultural streets where food meets history. , and moreover, fun.

7 Whitney Plantation Tour

This trip is a must for anyone interested in Louisiana history, but in particular, the history of slaves who once lived in this part of the US. As one of the only New Orleans plantation museums focusing on slavery, the Whitney Plantation plays an important role in teaching locals and tourists about the slaves and slave owners in Antebellum, as well as paying homage to and maintaining respect, memory, and consciousness of the slaves who suffered throughout that trying time in history throughout the whole country.

There are numerous educational exhibits, beautiful memorial artworks, sentimental firsthand slave stories, and many more eye-opening additions housed in the museum, whose historic range encompasses significant time periods – from the emergence of the Louisiana plantation to its shift from indigo to sugar production. during the early 1800s. As well as providing visitors with an interesting but matter-of-fact and even unfortunate insight into the lives of these historic folk, the property is also among Louisiana’s last remaining original representations of Spanish Creole architecture.

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6 LGBT Queer History Tour, No Secrets Tours

For a friendly tour of New Orleans’s LGBTQ+ history in small group sizes of around four-or-so people, this candidate is hard to beat. Often frequented by members of the LGBTQ+ community, rainbow allies, and visitors interested in local LGBTQ+ history who want to ghost the usual spooky tours, this wonderful trip showcases the quintessential queer side of the city in all its vibrant hues, along with its political struggles throughout the many decades of volatility, discrimination, and persecution of LGBTQ+ people.

Starting in the middle of the famed French Quarter just minutes from Jackson Square, this tour is led by seasoned guides equipped with mountains of specialist knowledge of the city’s queer history that slips down a steady slide into modern society’s political and social contexts. While taking visitors through New Orleans’s LGBTQ+ memories, the tour guides also incorporate the social history of civil rights with the ever-changing laws and attitudes surrounding the LGBTQ+ community – not only in this part of Louisiana but also across the rest of the United States. With tons of interesting information on historic hallmarks and social elements of the community, such as the Stonewall NOLA riots, the queer side of New Orleans’s Mardi Gras celebrations, and ‘the closet’ Southern phenomenon, guests of this tour get to discover a truly unique and socially enriching side of this city – and the USA – that many simply miss out on.

5 New Orleans Music & Heritage Tour, Abel Tours

Abel Tours brings this hit trip to those who can’t get enough of or simply want to familiarize themselves with New Orleans’s long and eventful history of blues, jazz, and rock music. Setting off at the Louisiana Music Factory, this well-planned out tour packs three hundred years of music history into a fascinating few hours. Guides rich in knowledge and know-how deliver various lessons and stories pertaining to the city’s musical past and present, including those of the Royal Orleans Hotel, which has served as a celebrated hub for many of the world’s most iconic artists and bands, like the famous likes of Led Zeppelin, for one.

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4 New Orleans Street Art & Mural Walk

Got a flair for the arts but already explored the city’s art galleries and museums? This tour is for those very people who want to gawk at marvelous creations, even when they think they’ve seen all that New Orleans has to offer artistic adventurers. This walking tour deconstructs the misguided preconception of vandalism that sadly surrounds street art all too often, instead of evoking genuine and often beautiful meanings from the many murals on display around the visually catchy Marigny neighborhood.

In around two hours of walking with a bathroom and a refreshment pit stop in between, this contender certainly demands appropriate footwear, but potential foot fatigue is more than made up for its knowledgeable and well-informed tour guides who grant a wonderful guests peek behind the city’s closed doors. Thanks to their leader’s expertise, tourers get to enjoy the striking murals and captivating collections of assorted art pieces in a different and authentic light, with the beans of their history, artist backstories, and sentiments spilled in full while lending respect not only to the artists themselves but also the events throughout New Orleans’s illustrious history.

3 Two Chicks Walking Tours, The Grand Garden District Tour

Fancy a couple of hours strolling through New Orleans’s prettiest neighborhoods while eating up its intriguing past? Then the history-geared Two Chicks Grand Garden District Walking Tour is the one to go for. During a leisurely saunter, storytelling guides take visitors on an intimate sight-seeing journey through Lafayette Cemetary No. 1, and past a fruitful offering of picture-postcard local mansions, including the famous Buckner Mansion – a landmark that Netflix amateurs will recognize as the stately property that appeared in American Horror Story: Coven.

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two Kayak-iti-Yat Kayaking Tour of New Orleans, Big Easy Bayou Tour

Fed up feet but still want to explore the city and uncover its local lore? Why not take touring the water and explore New Orleans from the comfort of a kayak? In a completely fresh and unique way, the Big Easy Bayou Tour lets visitors enjoy a relaxing way to see the city’s many points of interest. Seeing Bayou St. John from the water, paddling by majestic architectural wonders, taking in beautiful homes built in the 1700s, and witnessing top landmarks on this two-hour water trek is an exemplary experience on an entirely different level to others on the list.

1 New Orleans City Tour

Consider this three-hour, 14-seater van tour among the easiest and most convenient methods of seeing the very best sites and sights in all of New Orleans. Moreover, the trip doesn’t give all the attention solely to touristic hotspots like the French Quarter and Jackson Square; it also incorporates the sobering, strained harshness that struck the city and the state during and after Katrina. All in all, those with only a day to spare who haven’t been to the city before need looks no further than this tour and its hand-picked parts that deliver an all-around intimate insight into its highlights, as well as a significant portion of its darker, tough times.

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