Green Chilli Chutney: 5 Mirchi Ka Achar Recipes To Spruce Up Your Meal

We love having a char along with our everyday meals, right? Taking a spoonful of achar by the side makes our dal-chawal, roti-sabzi or even simple paratha taste oh-so-delicious. It, in fact, adds that extra zing to our palate, elevating our overall meal experience. While we don’t speak much about this condiment, this is one of the most common features of an Indian thali. If you explore, you will find a char having its own unique versions across India. Some like having fresh char, some ferment it or soak it under the sun for weeks. Some enjoy khatta-meetha achar, while some relish it with extra spice. We don’t follow any strict recipe to prepare achar. Food experts say pickling is more of a tradition that is passed on through generations. This is why, you will find the process of pickling and the ingredients used differ from family to family.

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One such popular achar is mirchi ka achar. Made with fresh green chillies and different other spices, mirchi ka achar is loved by one and all across India. It is easy to make and helps spruce up the meal in just no time. Considering the popularity, we bring some of our favorite versions of mirchi ka achar that will help add variety to your pickle collection. Check these recipes out.


Here’re 5 Mirchi Ka Achar Recipes For You – NDTV Food Picks:

1. Thecha (Maharashtrian Mirchi Ka Achar):

Thecha is a fresh green chilli pickle that is prepared by pounding mirchi and other spices in a mortar pestle. Traditionally, a thecha recipe includes an adequate amount of garlic, peanuts, mustard oil, jeera and salt in it. If kept properly, you can also store thecha for a week or two. All you need to do is, transfer thecha to a clean air-tight container and keep it at room temperature. Click here for the recipe.

2. Stuffed Mirchi Ka Achar:

We are sure you have tried those whole mirchi ka achar with masala stuffed in it. Now, let’s see how to make it. To make this pickle, we first need to find those pakode wale mirchi. Then, slit the mirchi lengthwise, stuff masala inside and soak the pickle for 3-4 days before having it. Click here for the recipe.

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3. Mirchi Ka Khatta-Meetha Achar:

If you are someone who enjoys pickle that has some sweetness in it, then try this delicious sweet-n-sour version of green chilli chutney. To make this recipe, we need green chilli, gur, salt, vinegar and some basic spices like cumin and coriander. Quintessentially, this dish is made in refined groundnut or sesame oil. Click here for the recipe.

4. Street-Style Green Chilli Pickle:

Have ever tried those freshly made green chilli chutneys served with paratha and kachori at those street-side stalls? If yes, then you know how delicious it tastes. It is simple, quick and makes for a perfect condiment when you run out of achar in between meals. We suggest, keeping this pickle handy for whenever you need them. Click here for the recipe.

5.Green Chilli Sauce:

You might not consider it to be a classic pickle; but trust us, it makes for a perfect side dish to pair with all your fried foods – samosa, pakora, bread roll and more. Green chilli sauce adds that right amount of heat and aroma to those fried foods, subsequently amping up the overall flavor profile. Click here for the recipe.

Now that you have our favorite green chilli achar recipes handy, we suggest, making them at home one by one and relish. Do not forget to let us know which of the above recipes you enjoyed the most!


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