New England’s Traditional 4th Of July Meal Is Like No Other

For New Englanders, it’s iconic to serve salmon alongside a healthy helping of peas for the 4th of July, via New England Today. Seemingly random to observers, this tradition has been practiced since our country became a country. The states making up New England: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, have access to New England’s rivers fed by the Atlantic Ocean. During America’s founding, an estimated number of 300,000 salmon made their way up through these rivers during the summer months, serving as a wonderful meal source for all New Englanders. At the same time, peas were a plentiful crop and began harvesting in late June — making them a phenomenal pairing with the savory fish.

While salmon numbers have diminished since the Industrial revolution, thanks to tradition and modern food sourcing, the custom of salmon and peas is still carried out throughout all of New England on the 4th of July. Want to impress and combine holiday traditions? Swap a traditional beef or turkey burger for a tasty salmon burger. Even an ordinary hot dog can get an upgrade with a delicious salmon sausage! Not only will you be leaning into USA’s centuries old-traditions, but getting in a generous dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, per Healthline.

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