Nassau Candy Unveils Sweet New Packaging for One of Its Sour Bestsellers

A photo of the two new packaging sizes as seen on Nassau Candy’s Facebook.

Specialty and private label confection company Nassau Candy is unveiling an exclusive packaged line under its bulk Clever Candy brand at the 2022 Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago May 23-26.

Launching at the company’s show booth, Booth #11948, these new products are an expansion of the company’s Clever Candy range that will offer retailers and consumers a new way to enjoy the company’s candies.

“Our Clever Candy bulk line is wildly popular, so it only made sense to offer the beloved bulk confections in a packaged line,” said Andrew Reitman, executive president of national branded confections for Nassau Candy. “This offers additional merchandising options for our current bulk customers, while opening up the fun and flavor of the Clever Candy experience to a whole new retailer and customer base.”

The inaugural confection chosen for the packaged product line will be its Sour Sidekicks candies, which were introduced earlier this year. With this new packaged line, Sour Sidekicks will be offered in 5 oz. peg bags and 3 oz. theater boxes in addition to their bulk sizes.

Described as “sour gummies 2.0,” Sour Sidekicks offer sour, fruity flavors in colorful individual chews. Its new, individual-sized packaging is designed to appeal to the super-visual Generation Alpha with brightly colored, interactive packaging and a tagline that is sure to “make your sweet tooth smile.” Both the peg bag and theater box feature the brand’s signature color “splats” with the Sidekicks candy characters. Each package also features riddles and jokes, giving consumers an entertaining way to engage with the products while they snack.

Plans are in place to expand the Clever Candy packaged line with consistent designs across all its offerings. The next confection up in the of the packaged rollout will be the red and assorted color/flavor variations of the brand’s Fishie Friends candies followed by its Bestie Bears in single colors/flavors as well as assorted.

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