New Hampshire Brewery Hosting Hip Hop Jazz Brunch

My husband is a big beer lover so hopping around to local breweries is not an uncommon weekend activity for us! I’m pretty selective with my beer (I like ’em sweet and sour, like my candy) But I am big into the vibes that many breweries in New Hampshire bring to the table. Breweries are like snowflakes. Each one is unique and special in its own way.

Stoneface Brewing Co. is conveniently less than 10 minutes from our house and today their chill vibes (both literally, with the AC, and metaphorically, because it’s always deliciously low key) were exactly what we were craving. Oh, and their jaju jalapeño & cheddar pierogi which is topped with chipotle chive sour cream, bacon bits, and scallions. One of the best things to ever happen to my taste buds and that is not an exaggeration.

SPEAKING OF UNIQUE, Stoneface features a cute black and white cat on their merch:

I don’t know who’s kitty it is but I am a huge fan! I wonder if this feline knows how famous he/she is!

The cat is basically the star of the Women’s restroom:

I love it! I even bought a sticker to support a brewery I love and a cat whom I never met:

I’ll be back at Stoneface the weekend of August 13th as they are hosting a HIP HOP JAZZ BRUNCH Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 1pm. There will be new beer releases and exciting food specials:

Follow Stoneface Brewing Co on Facebook and Instagram for more details!

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