Flavor combinations and discovery drive snacking purchases

Frito-Lay’s previous Snacking Index report revealed a drastic shift in consumer behavior as more than 80% of consumers surveyed said they were ready to go out and celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend compared to over 80% who surveyed they would be staying home in May 2020 .

In the company’s recent Snacking Index report for June 2022 which surveyed 2,400 US adults, the trend of activity and on-the-go behavior has continued to gain momentum into summer 2022 and has evolved into consumers looking for new and unexpected flavor profiles vs. traditional regional snacking flavors.

“During the summer, people explore new activities, new places and enjoy new flavors of snacks as they attend more outdoor gatherings,”​ said Mike Del Pozzo, chief customer officer, Frito-Lay North America, adding that flavor continues to drive most food purchasing behaviors.

Flavor combinations drive snacking purchases

According to Frito-Lay’s recent Snacking Index, 42% of consumers across all generations are choosing flavor combinations such as sweet and spicy or tangy and salty over more familiar regional flavors preferred by 21% of those surveyed. Salty and sweet snacking combination won out as the most preferred flavor combination with 42% of consumers surveyed.

As consumers shop for snacks, 35% stated that innovative flavors were the top influencing factor for making a purchase vs. 28% who are making purchasing decisions based on recommendations, brand recognition (21%), packaging (9%), or sustainability efforts (7%).

Forty percent of consumers surveyed said that they would be excited and willing to try a snack with a flavor they love even if they’ve never tried the product or brand before, suggesting that discovery is an emerging key component to snacking purchases moving forward.


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