What The McDonald’s Of The Future May Be Like

Depending on who you ask, the reduction of genuine human interaction, alongside the rise of technology, is either a wonderful thing or an omen for the end of humanity. Of course, the reality of a situation like this, or any other, is that no matter where you stand on the issue — in this case, the direction of human advancement — time never stops marching on. For McDonald’s, the plan to entice and retain customers in the future involves using digital technology to maximize their experiences, according to a corporate growth plan released in 2017.

In other words, if you’re the type of person who regrets the rise of machine-automated transactions, such as self-checkout lines, well… you’re likely out of luck. Because even if you are able to speak to someone at a McDonald’s in the future, there’s a decent chance you still won’t be speaking with an actual employee, but rather a fully-automated, voice-based AI program designed to seem a real person (via QSR) .

To be clear, the odds of there employees being eliminated from any restaurant — not just McDonald’s — appears exceedingly low, at least in the near future. This is good. Because we’ve all seen the “Terminator” films and know that we need to retain some control over the robotic fleet to ensure we don’t go down that road.

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