‘We can be as cheap as animal protein by 2024’

The products – which are set to launch within 12 months, pending regulatory approval – will feature Remilk’s whey protein (beta-lactoglobulin), made via a genetically engineered strain of yeast via precision fermentation, co-founder and CEO Aviv Wolff told FoodNavigator-USA .

“CBC plans to market these products to mainstream consumers and not a niche consumer segment. Therefore, we expect to see them on dairy shelves as animal-free dairy products alongside traditional products.​”

I added: “The official approval in Israel is granted by the Israeli Ministry of Health, in a similar process to that conducted by the FDA. We’re in the midst of the approval process.”

World’s largest precision fermentation facility

However, Remilk also has US ambitions, and has recently obtained self-affirmed GRAS status for its beta-lactoglobulin and submitted its GRAS notification to the FDA.

Buoyed by a $120m series B funding round, the company is now planning what it claims is the world’s largest precision fermentation facility in Kalundborg, Denmark.

The facility will use an (as yet undisclosed) ‘non-agricultural land source’ of sugars as a carbon source to feed its microbes, said Wolff.

“We estimate we will have cost parity production in Denmark, meaning we’re going to sell our proteins at the same price that it costs dairy farmers to produce milk proteins, already in 2024. We have seen a tremendous increase in the last few years in our ability to compete with animal farming from a cost perspective. And moving forward, we believe that cost will continue to decrease, so eventually we’ll see pricing that is actually cheaper than animal dairy.”


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