Overturned Truck In The US Spills 18,000 Kg Chicken Nuggets; Blocks Highway

Chicken nuggets are easily one of the world’s most popular meals. They’re available at almost every restaurant, fast-food chain and cafe. It is also one of those simple items to prepare at home. However, if you really like chicken nuggets, this story may be a little painful for you. Recently a truck carrying chicken nuggets overturned on the road in the United States, and the traffic was stopped for many hours. According to the Sellersville Volunteer Fire Department, the collision spilled 18,000 kg of chicken nuggets onto the road. The Sellersville Volunteer Fire Department even took Facebook to post about the same incident.

Their Facebook post explained, “At 6:26 AM, SFD volunteers were alerted to a one vehicle accident in the southbound lanes of the Sellersville Bypass, just north of the Telford exit. Chief and Assistant 27 arrived to find a tractor trailer that had partially left the roadway, with the contents of the trailer spilled onto the highway and shoulder. Engine 27 was directed to access the scene by traveling north in the southbound lanes from the Route 152 interchange.”

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They also added that “Crews confirmed the driver was out of the vehicle and were able to secure the hazards associated with the crash. Fire police from numerous surrounding companies assisted with closing the roadway and detouring all southbound traffic. The cause of the incident is under investigation, and the roadway remained closed for several hours until the cargo and truck could be removed from the roadway.” Check out their full Facebook post here:

Many people reacted to the Facebook post. One person wrote, “My daughter was behind the truck when it happened. Called 911 as well! Another person wrote, “Wonder if speed was a factor in this accident? I no longer live down there, but when I was in the area a few weeks ago, I was doing 55, and people were flying past me like I was sitting still in that construction zone!”

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Someone also added, “That will answer all the heavy traffic coming through the center of Sellersville this morning and up on Ridge Road. What a nightmare!”

Many people also made sarcastic comments. One person said, “There will be a shortage of chicken now.” Another user added, “Coincidentally, Sellersville Fire Company will be having Chicken Nugget night next Friday as a fund raising event.” Someone also said, “40k pounds of frozen chicken nuggets.”


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