Ranch Water doesn’t taste like much, and that’s OK

Lime, agave and jalapeno. I’m intrigued, if not totally optimistic. Heat works well in a certain context with alcohol — bloody Marys, sure, but also a few chocolate habanero beers. I’m a little worried it’s going to dominate the relatively blank canvas of Ranch Water, however.

It doesn’t smell appreciably different, and the spice is tame… at first. A little bit of heat rolls in to flush each sip down your throat. It’s not burning hot, but it’s not about to let you forget it’s there. It really snaps off the aftertaste and washes out the agave/lime in a way the other flavors don’t.

It’s a nice change to the Ranch Water formula, even if it’s still relatively weak in terms of overall flavor. It’s a little more of a sipper than the other variants, but it’s also the first that tastes like something more than RANCH WATER. I like it, even if I don’t want to drink a lot of it. It’s much more interesting than any of the brand’s other offerings.

You may not be looking for “interesting” if you’re just looking for something you can drink four of at a cookout without losing your cornhole range. But if you want something light at the bar or are watching calories, this is a reasonable replacement for light beers (and an improvement over Michelob Ultras).


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