Why 90 Day Fiancé Fans Think Ariela Uses Ex Leandro To Torment Biniyam

90DF’s Ariela’s inappropriately close friendship with her ex-husband Leandro tends to cause quite a bit of conflict with her fiance, Biniyam.

90 Day Fiancé Season 9 has kept fans glued to their screens, and returning couple Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre have brought drama to the table for many reasons, including the continued presence of Ari’s ex-husband, Leandro Fosque. As the current couples navigate disastrous and drama-filled relationships, fans worry about Biniyam’s jealousy over Leandro, and speculate that Ari might be riling up her partner de ella on purpose. The couple has faced new challenges since coming to the USA together with their son, Aviel. Ari’s family has been supporting them since their arrival de ella, but it seems like Ariela’s ex de ella is an unavoidable part of her life de ella in the United States.


Ariela and Biniyam met while she was traveling the world, after leaving Leandro in the United States, although she admitted that they hadn’t truly broken up at that time. Ari got pregnant with her and Biniyam’s son Aviel three months into their relationship. She moved to Ethiopia and tried to make things work with Binyiam there, which was chronicled on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way seasons 2 and 3.

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After trust issues arose, the pair opted to file for a K-1 visa, so they could try to start over in America. Ari met and married Leandro in Argentina when she was 19, brought him to the States, and divorced him after ten years together. She claims that they have become best friends following their split, and says that they are fully platonic now.

Is Ariela Toying With Biniyam’s Emotions?

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre of 90 Day Fiance

Biniyam’s jealousy over Ariela’s relationship with her former husband began in The Other Way season 3, when Leandro came to visit the couple in Ethiopia, bringing underwear for Ari from America. At one point, Ari revealed to Biniyam that while she was pregnant with Avi, she stayed over at Leandro’s apartment de ella. Upon hearing this, Biniyam’s sisters, who were already suspicious of Ari’s intentions of her, questioned her relationship of her with Leandro, which only intensified Biniyam’s insecurities of her. Ari dismissed the suspicions of Biniyam and his relatives, claiming that they were completely unfounded. She’s adamant that Leandro is her best friend and nothing more. Fans feel that she may have intentions that she is hiding, as Ariela has shown her own jealous tendencies of her. Viewers wonder if she is using her friendship de ella with Leandro to torment Biniyam, so he will be jealous and hypervigilant in their relationship.

Ariela Gets Jealous, Just Like Biniyam Does

90 Day Fiance Ariela Biniyam and Aviel in Airport

Ariela’s jealousy has come out in several situations, but began to be shown to viewers in The Other Way season 3, when Ari had to go back to the United States for more than a month, so she could get hernia surgery for their son, Avi. Due to his lack of a visa at that time, Biniyam was left behind in Ethiopia. Ari began to become incredibly suspicious of Biniyam at this time, believing he was cheating on her and doing inappropriate things in their shared home de ella, mainly as a result of rumors spread by Biniyam’s sisters de ella. Her jealousy of her came out again in 90 Day Fiancé season 9, when she arrived at Biniyam’s MMA gym to find him sparring with a female fighter. Following these incidents, Ari invited Leandro to a lunch with Biniyam. She then invited him to an Ethiopian New Year’s celebration at a restaurant, which Biniyam and her whole family attended. At this event, Biniyam’s jealousy over Leandro bubbled over, when he seemingly attempted to choke him while feeding him a large portion of traditional Ethiopian food.

Is Ariela Playing A Dangerous Game?

Ariela Season 9 Biniyam In 90 Day Fiance

Viewers feel that Ariela could be making sure that Leandro in close proximity to Biniyam in order to remind him that she has other options, so he will be grateful for her place in his life. She is obviously dealing with her own insecurities from her, and she may be taking them out on Biniyam by using Leandro to stoke her significant other’s jealousy and insecurities. It’s clear that this 90 Day Fiancand couple has a lot of work to do in order to set a successful example for their young son. That work starts with confronting their mutual trust issues together, so that they can move forward in a way that’s healthy. This is important, as it’s clear that Leandro isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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