‘We’ve gone past the optional phase’ — sustainability is mandatory

And those that do are not only rewarded with a sense of pride in doing what is right, but often they reap cost savings, earn consumer respect, drive higher sales, and find inspiration for new innovations that keep employees and shoppers engaged at a time when competition for both is heating up.

At the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City last month, executives with Wyke Farms and Filippo Berio shared how they place sustainability at the center of their business and find environmentally friendly solutions for challenges ranging from ingredient sourcing, production, packaging, distribution and even the end of life for their products. They also share in this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Soup-To-Nus podcast, how these opportunities are impacting their top and bottom lines and where else they – and the entire food and beverage industry – still need to progress.

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Wyke Farms launches carbon neutral cheddar

For both Wyke Farms and Filippo Berio, environmental sustainability is a part of their corporate DNA – not a side project or a reaction to the worsening climate change or even a response to rising consumer demand. This reflects both their commitments to the planet and underscores a dramatic shift in corporate responsibility, which Rich Clothier, managing director or Wyke Farms describes as no longer optional, but mandatory.

“The days have gone when farmers could say, or businesses could say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to reduce the impact on the environment unless I get more money for it. … I don’t think it’s optional anymore. I think our shoppers expect us and want us to be doing this,”he said.


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