Traditional Latin American foods trending in the U.S

In recent years, Hispanic and Latino food has been praised and highlighted by other cultures, we feel a heartwarming sensation. Lately, more of these popuplar dishes in our culture are trending in hip coffee shops and restaurants.

For Latinos, food is the safest route to fill everyone’s hearts. Recipes are passed down through generations from our mom’s favorite to our granny‘s staple dish.

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It is always great to see our foods fused with other region’s ideas and in recent years, Latin Americans living in the United States have noticed how North American brands and chefs are getting inspiration from certain dishes.

From the beloved avocado toast (pan con avocado) to milk cake (tres leches), find below traditional Latin American foods that are currently making a splash in the US culinary world.

avocado toast

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Avocado toast, or Bread with Avocado, grew popularity in the US in the past 15 years. This fulfilling and delicious dish has been feeding Dominican people for decades.

prepared with water bread or water bread —an everyday bread found in the Caribbean, known for its crusty top layer and soft inside —salt and olive oil, those living or visiting the Dominican Republic can taste authenticity from any heaped (bodega) or local restaurant.

oat milk

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Caribbean and South American people have also been eating this for a long, long time. Making oat milk is as easy as blending oats with water and straining the liquid. For generations, Latino communities have used this plant-based liquid to create oat juice or oat juice.


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