Top 10 Motorcycle flops that deserve a second chance to…

It’s new motorcycle season, so whether we get the first look at upcoming new models such as the practical Triumph Tiger 660, start looking forward once again to bike shows like EICMA, or even start saving for just released new models such as Suzuki’s new GSX- S1000GT sports-tourer, the hot topic on ever biker’s lips is ‘Which new motorcycles are around the corner?’

Which got us thinking – not just about possible NEW motorcycles, but also OLD ones which were famous flops first time around, but which maybe – just maybe – stand a better chance if launched today.

Take Suzuki’s infamous B-King, for example. The supposedly supercharged (it wasn’t in the end) super naked show bike which, when finally put into production in 2007, spectacularly failed to live up to expectations simply for being hyped so excessively.

Or Gilera’s radical, single front forked CX125 of 1990 which looked like something from Tron but performed so conventionally (and expensively) just 1000 were built before being canned less than a year later.


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