Thousands of Customers Order Free Food and Drinks After Delivery App Glitches in US

Did we hear free food and alcohol? A temporary glitch in a US food delivery service app resulted in hundreds of people placing orders without paying a penny. According to an array of social media posts, DoorDash customers, on the evening of July 7, discovered a glitch on the app that allowed them to get their purchases for free. Following the glitch at the payment gateway, the users were allowed to check out after placing orders, without entering an authorized form of payment. The DoorDash glitch went viral on Twitter as more and more people found out about it. What happened next? Do we even need to tell? As per the tweets, customers cashed out the opportunity by not just ordering free food, but also pricey tequila, and even contraceptives. By the time DoorDash resolved the problem, the damage was done, and probably beyond repair.

Netizens posted screenshots of the extravagant orders, which amounted to thousands of dollars. Pictures of stores with hundreds of packed orders also surfaced on the internet.

Meanwhile, a user wondered why people were using the freebie to order fast food. He wrote, “you all getting free food on DoorDash and ordering McDonald’s?! you all trippin.”

While another questioned why people didn’t take advantage of the glitch to tip DoorDash delivery people. “So y’all got a Doordash glitch to where you can get anything you wanted for free and nobody thought to start tipping workers $1,000+ ??” the tweet read.

Some users flooded the microblogging site with memes making fun of those who made large purchases without paying. They predicted that the food service company would seek to have the payments fulfilled.

Looks like some had already paid the price.

A DoorDash spokesperson told Mashable that they will make sure the merchants affected by the fraudulent orders are compensated. “We’re actively canceling fraudulent orders, and are in touch with merchants impacted to ensure they are compensated for any unauthorized orders they may have received,” the spokesperson said.

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