Brexit LIVE: Britain attracting major business from US | Politics | News

The USA has taken favor with Brexit Britain due to its lack of ties to the EU, a Conservative commentator has claimed. Niles Gardner said: “There is a growing exodus of wealthy elites from big Democrat-run US states, particularly from California, with many executives now ironically relocating to Brexit Britain.”

He said top companies such as Meta, which has 4,000 employees in the UK, are bringing operations to the UK.

Even Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, which also a part of Meta, is heading across the Atlantic to London.

Mr Gardner said: “As much as US elites like to hiss at Brexit, Global Britain, free of the shackles of the EU, is an increasingly attractive place to do business for Americans, especially in comparison to Left-wing California, frequently derided today as a socialist basket case by US conservatives.”

He continued with a rallying call for leadership candidate Liz Truss, who has been a driving force behind Britain’s recovery since its time in the bloc.

He said: “The United Kingdom should thrive and prosper outside of the European Union and will increasingly attract American entrepreneurs who want to succeed in a safe, vibrant environment that advances free market thinking while rejecting the siren call of socialism.

“Thatcherism is the antithesis of the California model, and its proposed revival under Ms Truss is the perfect recipe for British success in the Brexit era.”


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